Welcome to Ko Lik Films!

Ko Lik was established in 2004 by screenwriters Cameron Fraser and Neil Jack as an excuse to make funny stop-frame animated films. Those films went on to pick up a heap of international awards, and Ko Lik went on to produce two half-hour specials for BBC Scotland, a smattering of TV commercials and two animated TV series for the BBC and Disney. We’re currently in development on a number of exciting feature projects, both in animation and live-action.

A lot of people ask us what Ko Lik means. It’s a good question, and you’ll get different answers depending on where you ask it. In Sweden they’ll tell you it means ‘cow carcass’. In Germany they’ll insist it means ‘diarrhoea’. Elsewhere you might be informed that it’s a condition suffered by babies, involving extended periods of cramping and moaning for no discernible reason. But to us, when we started out in 2004, it was a cheap and available domain name, swiftly purchased without due thought or research.

And that’s fine. Without cow carcasses, there would be no steak. Without extended periods of cramping and moaning, there would be no stop-frame animation. And without diarrhoea… well that’s a difficult one to put a positive spin on.

But we like to think Ko Lik means something different. It means character, conflict, cat-herding and comedy… people, pubs, perseverance and pluck… tears, toil, tantrums and triumph… music, mayhem, Macguffins and monster trucks. And that’s true no matter where you are in the world.

(Apart from the monster trucks bit. That’s just because we needed another ‘M’ word, and monster trucks are cool.)